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Earl Rubie was a Texas oil tycoon prior to the Resource Wars. By the 2060s, Rubie's wealth had earned him friends in high places, including a congressman of the Texas Senate named Ryan Arthur, and another oil tycoon named Lawrence Campbell. Through these connections, Rubie gained entrance into Vault 45's "elite" group of 250 people who would act as Late-Deployment Regiments for the Enclave. During the ten years, however, Rubie reasoned that he would be able to have more power if the Vault's main dwellers were to live, so he leaked details of the cryo plan to the dwellers, specifically that the non-elite dwellers would be left to die. Ryan Arthur, as a friend of Rubie's, saw the benefit in siding with the much-larger group of Vault dwellers as well, and both of them survived the next 200 years in cryostasis. After 2277, Rubie promptly joined the Brotherhood of Steel, and by the time of the player's exiting the Vault in 2288, Rubie has become a Knight Commander in the Brotherhood.

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